Full PvP Server

Designed for PvP Server

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Get Free High Grade Equipment

In Game Equipment

Best Equipment In Game

Experienced Team

Server has developed by experienced team

Wedding System

To Keep together with your couple

Open For Beta!

Welcome to Aion NewEra 8.3!


Aion NewEra is based on version 8.3 that will give you a unique experience! 

We are located in US/Europe.

Rates are customized. 
We also offer VIP.
All items can be farmed in game .

We are here to:

Ensure full satisfaction of the game.

  •  Create smooth gameplay without any problems and unexpected situations.
  •  Provide security from any third-party software by using anti-cheat system.
  •  Provide technical support.
  • Provide custom gameplays.

We support all players Globally.

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18 August